Official Begins! Extra Protection! Extra Care!

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” The more the better “



” Prevention is better than cure “


” We always there for you “

Quality Improvement

Starting in 2022, we are once again improving the quality control of Puma’s compressors, from jitter to noise, every little detail has been adjusted very strictly.

That’s why we’re able to give a 12-month warranty, which is twice as long as other brands of compressors on the market, which is usually only 6 months.

The Best Solution

As we have all heard, “prevention is better than cure”,

Puma Care will provide a maintenance package for the first year to get you in the habit of regular maintenance.

Every 4 months, we will send the maintenance package directly to your doorstep.

* east malaysia is not included

Be With You

The biggest worry is having something and not knowing how to deal with it.

At Puma, we have set up a little helper who is online 24 hours a day. so that when you have a problem, we are always available to help you.

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