What Suits You?

Do you know which one is the right fit for you? I’d be happy to introduce our various types of air compressors to you one by one.

In different industries, different needs are encountered, but PUMA air compressors can handle them all.

The “Classic”

The reason it’s called a classic is that it was designed to meet the needs of the vast majority of industries and applications. Plus, PUMA has continuously optimized it over several decades, making it reliable and durable.

The classic also includes high-pressure air compressors designed for specific industries, and this model has also been specially designed in a vertical standing type to meet the needs of users with limited space.

“The ‘Classic’ PK & TK series are eligible for our new PUMA Care program, which includes an extended warranty and a free maintenance kit.”

Tips : Going for a slightly larger option can meet future requirements.

Silent &
Oil less

Oil-less compressor pumps are designed without the need for lubricating oil. Instead, they utilize non-stick material coatings or materials with low friction and wear to produce clean, oil-free air, making them ideal for industries that require clean air like medicine, dentistry, and food and beverage.


Experience our portable air compressor – designed to be compact and easy to transport, yet powerful enough to handle a variety of tasks from inflating tires to powering air tools.

No Electricity? No Problem.

Fit in Hilux | D-max | Navara | Ranger

Gasoline Powered

Experience reliable and powerful compressed air with our engine type compressor – designed to deliver exceptional performance in rugged outdoor environments where electricity is not available, making it the ideal solution for construction sites, agriculture, and remote work locations.

If you require a highly advanced piece of machinery,
it may be worth considering a Screw compressor.

24 hours
non-stop running

Screw Compressor

Maximize your compressed air efficiency with our high-performance screw compressor – designed to deliver continuous, reliable compressed air for a variety of industrial applications, while reducing energy consumption and operating costs.

Looking for


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